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If you are an angler, fly fishing in Patagonia has likely been on your bucket list, and for good reason. The trout waters in Patagonia, Argentina are some of the most pristine, undisturbed waters in the world, with healthy populations of wild brown and rainbow trout! Our custom trips take anglers through a breathtaking mosaic of landscapes from vast steppes to majestic mountain peaks and ancient volcanoes.

The guides at Massive Trout Fly Fishing are experienced anglers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with all levels of anglers. We truly love the opportunity to create an unforgettable, unique fly fishing experience for our clients!

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Massive Trout offer many environment options for a daily or half day excursion. Rivers & lakes into the Nahuel Huapi National Park plenty of wild trouts. In no more than 40 minutes from the Bariloche downtown we access to the best water in the world. In company with the best guides who provide you the most professional instructions all that accompanied with a full hot lunch with delicious red wine. What you are waiting for?.

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Overnight Trips

“Glamping” it is the right word for described what MTFF do when our clients choose Overnight trips. In the middle of nowhere floating at least 15 km per day of a wild and clear water river, always being safe, fishing for more than 10 hours per day and at the end of day arrived into the camp with most luxury set up. A great option for adventure people, and all kind of fisherman, beginner, intermediate and advance. Just one condition, want to have fun!!

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All Inclusive Programs (NEW)

It is very common for our clients to decide to hire All Inclusive services, where they are included in the final rate and often the dinners, where the guest only has to worry about their air tickets. We also recommend places to stay depending on the needs of each one, closer to the shopping centers or in places with more tranquility, we work with a series of Lodges and lodgings, of great confidence and highly recommended.

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We truly understand that many times organizing a fishing trip to a destination that you do not know surely bring you up many doubts and concern are turn it sometime in not correct decisions. That is why at MTFF we care and take care of helping you in everything our clients need. Depending you time and budget we can take from just one daily trip, to a 10 days of excellent fishing around North Patagonia, including the best lodging, food and fishing in the whole area.

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Fishing in the
best rivers & lakes

Fish in the best environments of North Patagonia region. Nahuel Huapi & Lanin National parks.

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experienced guides

Live your best fishing experience with professional guides.

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Gustavo C (ARG)

"Massive experience on Patagonia!"

Es de los mejores guías de pesca de zona, conoce muy bien los lugares y en todo momento hace sentir a la persona como en su casa. Por otro lado, siempre prima la prudencia y la seguridad de cliente, como ni hablar de la atención y el servicio de guía. Es de esas excursiones, que si uno no tiene una pesca muy fructífera, siente que valió la pena cada momento. Julián es un excelente anfitrión de sus tierras, conocedor de los mejores lugares, y por sobre todo una excelente persona. Altamente recomendable.

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MTFF T-Shirts

Excellent memory of your experience in Patagonia with MTFF. Long sleeve shirts with our logo in two colors, black and white. 50% cotton -50% acrylic. Check stock and prices.

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The Patagonian sun forces us to always cover ourselves with a cap, and every fly fisherman will always see a placed one. Excellent quality MTFF caps in two colors, green and brown, with its embroidered logo. Check prices and stock.

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The smell of coffee in the morning will transport us to that daily or overnight trip that we enjoyed in Patagonia, fishing and experiencing something unique and unrepeatable. Incredible souvenir from MTFF. Check prices and stock.

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