Our base is located in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, more specifically Nahuel Huapi National Park. The first national park of our country and one of the largest. Surround the park and the city an infinity of environments, both rivers and lakes. In general, the guests of Massive Trout prefer to float drift boats environments and depending on the season, knowing that it starts in November and goes until May, you can fish with dry flies or heavier sinking lines.

A typical day when we go out on daily excursions, consists in going to look for our clients in the first hour, around 08:00 am, depending on which environment we go, previously talked with the fishermen, we must spend 20 minutes until arrive to the environment or in some cases, the trip can be about 60 minutes. Once in the place, the guide will arrange to prepare the boat, like the fishing equipment, and the safety talk prior to the excursion. During the day, you can enjoy a typical Argentinean lunch, with excellent wines and everything the client requests to drink.

Depending on the level of the fisherman (s) during the day, the guide will instruct them on issues related to fly fishing and places.

Patagonia Argentina it is more than river and lakes fully of wild rainbow trout, brown and brooks and also Salmon, we have an amazing native flora and fauna that customers can enjoy all the time, such as condors, guanacos, red deer, foxes and pumas.

After a day plagued by incredible moments and adrenaline by the captures, we finished the day around 17:00 pm, where our vehicle with which we arrive at the river very early in the morning awaits us at the exit, the guide will take care of to put everything in order and start the return to the hotel, full of unforgettable moments and many amaizing photos with nice fishes.

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Daily guiding rates

Full day float or wading trips 2 anglers: Consult
Half day float trip 2 anglers: Consult
Additional third person: Consult
Ask for rates for a single fisherman

Your Payment includes

  • All necessary fishing gear
  • Full lunch and beverages
  • Boat when required
  • Professional Fly fishing guide for one or two anglers
  • English Spoken
  • Transportation to and from the river

Flights, fishing license, hotels, dinner, services in Buenos Aires, gratuities.


We request a 50% deposit from 60 to 90 days before the date of the excursion.

Overnight Trip


Patagonia Argentina, is one of the few places in the world where many places remain uninhabited by humans. Dream places, where everything that the person who enjoys the outdoors once dreaming is conjugated to create the ideal situation, fishing, wilderness and comfort.

The experience of massive trout fly fishing makes interpreting instantly what the client is looking for when consulting for overnight trips. The modality of this type of trips allows our clients to fish or be in fishing situation for many hours compared to a daily excursion, since the days are more than hours of fishing non stop, with lunches and rest stops.

The environments where these types of excursions are made can be located in the nearest National Park, Nahuel Huapi, as well as, Massive trout has the chance to operate in another national park called Lanin, located 200 km northwest of the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, which offers us a series of more than interesting options, Rio Caleufu, Rio Collon Cura, Rio Alumine, Rio Chimehuin, and Malleo among others. The reference cities that are close to these environments are Junin de los Andes, San Martin de los Andes and Bariloche city.

Usually our customers choose 3 days – 2 nights, but we did even 5 days and 4 nights, together with the cargo boys we carry everything necessary for the night or the time we should be out.

As a summary of what this dream trip consists of, we look for the clients, depending on the distance to maneuver, earlier than a daily excursion or only half an hour before. Previously, we was given a dry bag (1 each two customers) of more than 60 liters where they can put everything necessary for the amount of days that will be outdoors, this bag will go into the cargo boys boat and at the end of you will see it again in the camp into your tend.

In turn, during the day they are offered a smaller bag of 20 liters for all those we need during the day and we can transport them in the fishing boat.

Once we have reached the place where we will begin the overnightrip, we must give some time to the guide and the cargo boys to put everything in order while the clients give us a hand with the assembly of the fishing equipment and even in many cases finish assembling the bags that go directly to the camp and those things that we will transport with us. After about 45 minutes of preparation, you start to float and fish, obviously after a few hours we will stop for a full lunch and drinks, with a nap in between if necessary. There is no hurry, we have all the river for us. During the afternoon we will continue enjoying the river, fishing and the company, to arrive around 06:00 pm to a camp already armed by our boys, where we will have a dinner tent, kitchen tent, our own individual tent (1 tent every two fishermen) with cots, sleeping bags, bedside table, light, pillows, personal towels to clean and our own soap.

Surely the attentive cargo boys, will be waiting for us with an exquisite appetizers, and our drinks that you selected in the pre-trip talk. Then continue with a typical Argentinean dinner, good beef in a grill with red wine and desserts, more tea or coffee.

In the camp you will also have your personal bathroom and in the case of requesting a shower of warm water every night.

From here on, only more days of excellent fishing, excellent service and good food await us.

Each day the boys will move the camp around 15 – 20 km downstream, in order to the customers fish different water every day. At the end of the number of days of overnight trip, we will find the vehicles we came in that were already moved by our drivers, and after a great group toast and “we made it”, we will organize everything, to return to San Carlos de Bariloche, and leave them at your hotel.

Overnight trip Rates

Rate per day Overnight trip: Consult
We suggest coming with a partner
* Single guest Overnight trip rate per day: Consult

Your Payment includes

  • All necessary fishing gear (Flies includes)
  • Full lunch, dinners and beverages during the overnight trip, includes the alcoholic drinks.
  • Boat (Cataraft every 2 anglers)
  • Professional Fly fishing guide for one or two anglers
  • English Spoken
  • Transportation to and from the river
  • All camping gear for overnight trip

Flights, fishing license, hotels, services in Buenos Aires, gratuities.


We request a 50% deposit from 60 to 90 days before the date of the excursion.