• Is it necessary to have previous experience to fly fish for hire a trip with Massive trout?

No, it is not necessary to have previous experience. Every year we initiate many clients from all over the world in fly fishing, regardless of age limit. Our range of clients is wide, and the main objective that Massive Trout for those who never fished with fly, is a first contact not only with the technique itself, but with the environment and the experience in general.


• What is the age limit for a minor to be able to take a fishing trip?

For security reasons we take as limit of age, children of 5 years, always accompanied by a responsible adult.


• Is it mandatory on boat trips use a Lifejacket?

Yes, it is mandatory


• Is a fishing permit required to practice fly fishing in Patagonia?

Yes, it is mandatory when you fish in Patagonia carry a Continental Patagonian License, this license once you pay it, it is useful to fish in the whole Patagonian region, obviously depending on the days that you pay. You can pay a daily, weekly, biweekly or seasonal license. It is not included in the final price of the tour. MTFF usually manages it in advance to its customers and is charged separately.


• The minimum number of days for an overnight excursion is 3 days – 2 nights? The maximum?

The minimum number of days for an overnight excursion is 2 days-1 night, in those cases we recommend to make the excursion in environments not too far from the city, so as not to waste time when we move by car.

The maximum number of days that MTFF has completed is 5 days – 4 nights. All an experience for clients and staff.

• Can we bring our own fishing equipment?

Yes, the client can bring his personal fishing equipment. It is recommended that you inform the guide in advance, with what kind of equipment you have, and what you will need depending on the time you are coming. That way you can be guided in bringing the right thing, and in turn the guide can take to the trip what the client lacks or does not have.


• Flies / lures are included in the rate?

Yes, flies are included. In the event that the client wants to use another type of fishing method such as spinning and wants to bring his equipment, he must bring his lures.


• Can we contract accommodation through Massive Trout?

Yes, it is very common for our clients to decide to hire All Inclusive services, where they are included in the final rate and often the dinners, where the guest only has to worry about their air tickets. We also recommend places to stay depending on the needs of each one, closer to the shopping centers or in places with more tranquility, we work with a series of Lodges and lodgings, of great confidence and highly recommended.


• Massive trout can suggest activities for non-fishermen?

Yes, we work with trusted travel agencies, which provide us with a list of activities for non-fishermen such as horseback riding, trekking, diving, skiing, snowboarding, bird watching, wine testing, kayaking, and more.


• How long before it is necessary to reserve our fishing days? What is the reservation amount and its form?

We recommend our fishermen friends to book with a minimum of 60 days. The months of December and January are usually very busy, so it is very important to notify in advance. The minimum amount requested to reserve a date / excursion is 30% of the total value.